Building Student Success with Indigenous Parents


Flin Flon BSSIP Committee Partnerships

N/A - Family Liaison Worker, Ruth Betts Community School

Erin Dadson - Family Liaison Worker, Ecole McIsaac School

Jill Rideout - Family Liaison Worker, Hapnot Collegiate

Jeremiah Hermann - Garay - Program & Events Coordinator, Flin Flon Aboriginal Friendship Centre

Loretta McDermott - Community Youth Resource Centre Director

Mike Linklater - Parent Representative

Sylvie Dufour - VP Ecole McIsaac School

Patty Korchinski - VP Many Faces, Hapnot Collegiate

Shayna Ritchie - Teacher, Ruth Betts Community School

Constance McLeese - Flin Flon School Division Superintendent

Katie Kawerski - Flin Flon Sweetgrass Aboriginal Headstart Director

Sandra Garinger - Guidance Counselor, Hapnot Collegiate

Carol Sutherland - Community Connector, Creighton Community School

Courtney Lycan - Community Connector, Ruth Betts Community School

Jenilee Lengyel - Parent Child Coordinator, Ruth Betts Community School

Elder Margaret Head Steppan - FFSD Cultural Advisor

Doreen Roman - Parent/Community representative

Shari Anderson - Teacher, Many Faces

Sharon Trubiak - Guidance Counselor, École McIsaac School

Building Student Success with Aboriginal Parents (BSSAP) Project

BSSIP is an initiative funded by the Aboriginal Education Directorate. Our goal is to increase Aboriginal education and parental/community involvement opportunities through special events, cultural workshops, guest presenters, family gatherings, and connections with local agencies and other school-based projects (Friendship Centre, Youth Centre, CSPI). Also, to provide school staff with an increased awareness through training in order to become a more culturally proficient and diverse school division. Some activities and initiatives our local BSSIP project has funded are: Family Feasts, school-based drum groups, hoop dance troupe, classroom traditional teachings, staff PD sessions, classroom resources, and other cultural opportunities.


Aboriginal Education Directorate:

Truth and Reconciliation Commission:

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada:

8th Fire : Aboriginal peoples, Canada, and the Way Forward:

BSSIP Contacts:

Jill Rideout: Family Liaison Worker

Hapnot Collegiate


Jolene Gardiner: Family Liaison Worker

Ruth Betts Community School